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Venice tourist guide Martino Rizzi. Guided tours for individuals and groups to the major monuments and museums of the city of Venice
Walking tours in Venice "off the beaten track"
Guided visits to the most beautiful islands of the lagoon.

Martino Rizzi, a born Venetian, is a professional licensed Tourist Guide for the city of Venice, with qualification in Italian, English and Spanish. After a MA from Padua (specialising in the history of Venice) and having undertaken a long preparation to qualify as a guide, he enjoys a creative and stimulating profession well adapted to his passion for the history and the art of his city. Moreover he is one of the very few guides who specializes in the Venetian Lagoon, from the fascinating history of its origins to the problems of the present.

  Visiting churches, museums and the Palazzi of Venice or simply walking along the narrow streets (calli) the squares (campi) and the waterside (fondamente), you will have at your side a ready guide to answer your questions and involve you in the threads of the history of the most extraordinary city in the world.

"A true traveller seeks what the superficial hides"

With the aid of an expert and passionate guide you can stray far from the usual tourist paths, and enjoy the extraordinary beauties of Venice and its lagoon, getting a taste of 1400 years of history. Only on this website (see the link "The Lagoon"), unlike the usual pre-packaged offers, you will find some suggestions for guided tours to the most beautiful islands of the lagoon, either on traditional boats (the wooden "Bragozzi") or on modern tourist boats. Here in Venice the journey is as important as the destination!


With Guidetovenice you will not be limited to a ready-made tourist package. Ask for advice and plan for yourself a made-to-measure experience of Venice, the Venetians, their Lagoon and its natural environment. Guaranteed by a local guide whose only interest is yours.



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