The trabaccolo (lugger) "IL NUOVO TRIONFO" is the largest classic Adriatic boat still maintained in sailing condition. Built in the shipyard of Cattolica in 1926, it was bought in 2008 by a group of Venetians committed to its demanding restoration for possible reuse as a floating testimony of Venetian seamanship.. "Il Nuovo Trionfo", moored at Punta della Dogana at the entrance of the Grand Canal, participates every year in the most important public events of the city of Venice and its lagoon. The Regata Storica or the Festa del Redentore seen from the deck of this magnificent boat are unforgettable experiences. Upon request you can join the crew for scheduled or custom made events.



TERRA E ACQUA. Paolo andCristina with their bragozzo boats have for twenty years explored the length and breadth of the Lagoon. They actively ollaborates with archaeologists based on the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo. (Max 12 persons for each boat. A second bragozzo is also available for bigger groups. Tel. 3406649480


BRAGOZZO SANT'ALBAN. (based at Altino). A large bragozzo, Sant'Alban, one of the most admired and best known bragozzi in the lagoon. Up to 45 passengers. The same company also run a smaller boat specially adapted for handicapped access. Tel. 0039 3357760534


.The Raptus of Il Sestante is an exceptionally comfortable modern boat offering superb visibility to all its passengers, and every protection against sun and rain. Ideal for medium/large groups, especially schools (Max 44 persons). Tel. 0412413987

EKOS CLUB LAZZARETTO NUOVO. The Pietro III is a real vintage boat, a traditional wooden bragozzo built in Chioggia more than fifty years ago. Today, completely restored, it is run by the Ekos Club and Archeoclub of Venice for its memebers for tours all over the lagoon; it is based on the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo. A trip on Pietro III includes a visit to the island and a tour of the Lagoon under sail (see on the link Lagoon "Beyond the city"). In its comfortable seats on the deck and along the sides it can accommodate up to 25 people. Info 041.244011

LAGUNAFLALINE. The bragozzo Romano is the only boat for excursions into the beauties of the North lagoon based in the island of Burano. LAGUNAFLA also provides regular connections from Burano to the island of San Francesco del Deserto (Franciscan friary) or Sant'Erasmo island and to the acheological site of Altino located in the mainland (90 minutes trip). Available also for long full-day excursions to the natural and historic wonders of the lagoon. Massimiliano lives in Burano and he is always ready to cast off moorings for you or to pick you up in Altino. INFO: 3479922959.

NAVIGAZIONE STEFANATO. The Stefanato family are proud to have been boatmen since 1566. Today it is one of the most important tourist companies of the lagoon and of the River Sile. Their boats are all built to the highest standards to avoid damaging pollution or wake. Their large Altino and Silis have restaurants on board. Sailing from Caposile to Torcello with Glauco Stefanato is an experience which leads you into the marvels of a pristine environment and centuty-old traditions. Info 0422 788663


For general details of guided trips, please contact GuideToVenice. For information and prices for chartering boats, please contact the operators themselves.

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